With a rare condition that causes it to be exceptionally small, kitten is determined to thrive

A kitten with a rare disease is only half the size of its sibling, but determined to live a full life.

Alley Cat Rescue

A litter of kittens was brought to Alley Cat Rescue (in Los Angeles) with her mother cat late last year. They were found in poor condition and needed medical attention. One of the kittens, Bubble Gum, was exceptionally small. At 10 days he weighed only 71 grams, about half the size of his littermates.

The kittens all fought an upper respiratory infection. Even though Bubble Gum was so small, it showed an incredible fight from the start. He immediately grabbed hold of himself and filled his stomach with everything he could eat.

“He would not have survived without us feeding him when the six larger kittens just pushed him out of the way (from the nursing mother),” Alley Cat Rescue shared with Love Meow.

Alley Cat Rescue

In two weeks his weight tripled and the energy increased. As soon as he had strength in his legs, he made his way to the litter box and tried to use it by emulating the larger kittens.

While the janitors were seeing some positive weight gains, they found that the growth of bubble gum was slow and stalled from time to time.

Alley Cat Rescue

It was about seven ounces when it should have been over a pound, and its siblings paced up and down. After several tests with no diagnosis, they continued to monitor his progress while hand-feeding him to make sure he was getting food every few hours.

“His weight crawled slowly while his littermates grew rapidly,” said the rescue. “He’s always snuggled with you and is the first one out the door when we open it with a tiny, screaming meow.”

Alley Cat Rescue

Bubble Gum received undisturbed one-on-one grooming with his mother cat while he was supplemented around the clock. At two months he hit the one-pound mark.

“It was only a few ounces when we got it, and it took a long time to get to that major milestone,” Alley Cat Rescue shared with Love Meow.

Alley Cat Rescue

As other kitties entered their wild teenage years, he was still very young but refused to miss any action.

“He wasn’t big enough to jump over the walls of the playpen, but he neatly climbed the scratching post while cleaning. He chased your feet, climbed laps and dozed off.”

Alley Cat Rescue

Check out the cute chewing gum and its siblings in this cute video:

Little kitten www.youtube.com

Chewing gum continued to show some health concerns despite careful maintenance.

“While it was always low and we did multiple tests, including the thyroid gland which was back to normal, we decided to see an internist for ultrasound and other tests,” said Alley Cat Rescue.

Alley Cat Rescue

After months of searching for an answer, Bubble Gum was officially diagnosed with a liver shunt, a congenital defect (rare in cats) that causes blood to bypass the liver.

“This causes toxins from the intestinal tract to build up in the blood. Medical treatment for a liver shunt reduces the toxins from the intestinal tract,” said Alley Cat Rescue.

Alley Cat Rescue

“We work our way through the information, its nutritional needs, medication, and keep gum happy and loved!”

When Bubble Gum was on the way home from the specialist, he purred a storm and played with rays of sunshine coming out the window without worrying about the world. “It’s a lively pocket-sized rocket.”

Alley Cat Rescue

The cute kitten has overcome many obstacles and lives life to the fullest. His caretakers fight by his side to ensure the quality of life for the well-deserved little fellow.

He looks tiny next to his siblings, but he’s finally over two pounds now.

Alley Cat Rescue

Bubble Gum works hard to catch up with the rest of the trash. He loves food and is quite a mischief maker, but nothing makes him happier than sitting next to a buddy and cuddling up.

Alley Cat Rescue

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