Thieves Snatch Girl’s Canine When She Turns To Pump Fuel

A woman was on the phone with her daughter, ready to fill her car up with gas. At that moment, it felt just like any other day. But when her back was turned, the unimaginable happened. Her sweet little dog named Nu Nu disappeared from the car in a matter of seconds.

Poor Nu Nu was the victim of a “slider attack.” In these robberies, the thieves watch from the other side of the car and wait until the person’s back is turned. Nu Nu’s mom was unable to realize what was happening in time, and now, she’s begging for her beloved canine to return home safely.

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Thieves Snatch Nu Nu

The event took place at the QuikTrip gas station on North Druid Hills Road in Georgia. The woman doesn’t live in the area, but she has been there for most of the past year to take care of a sick family member. When she stopped to get gas, she left Nu Nu the Bichon Frise and Poodle mix in the car.

She was on the phone with her daughter, Scharmia Roberson, when it happened. Roberson said she heard her mom suddenly start screaming, saying she got robbed. Thieves stole her purse, but more importantly, they also took Nu Nu.

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“It all occurred while she turned around and [she was] putting in the pin. It happened when she was picking up the gas pump and the moments her back was turned against the car he was watching through the other side of the vehicle,” Roberson said.

Nu Nu’s mom suspected something was wrong even before she knew what happened. She didn’t hear Nu Nu, so she called out the pup’s name. When the dog didn’t respond, the woman heard burnt rubber and saw a dark car driving away from the gas station.

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Help Bring Nu Nu Home!

The vehicle that drove away with Nu Nu was a small black SUV. Police suspect that it’s a stolen vehicle. Roberson and the rest of her family are also desperately searching for the lost dog. They’re encouraging everyone to keep an eye out too.

“If you see her you can call her name and she responds. Nu Nu will respond and let you know to help,” Roberson said. “Any dog you take from any pet owner is a devastation. That’s like taking a child.”

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Last time the small white dog was seen, she was wearing a New York Yankees jersey and a “Gucci-like” collar. If you see the dog or know anything about the theft, please contact the police right away. Let’s hope that Nu Nu returns home safe and sound!

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