Meet Ulu

Dog’s name and age: Ulu, 16 years

Name: Ulu means breadfruit. Sweet name, sweet fruit, sweet girl.

Adoption story: Ulu, a Pit Bull mix, came to us via a Maui highway—she was a runaway dog with a rope around her neck, a rope she had bitten through to free herself. She was skeletal, starving and extremely fearful of everything around her.

Ulu’s life changed once she crept cautiously into my truck, becoming a house mouse for the next 15 years. She has loved all my many other dogs and cats, sweetly honoring those who are older and wiser and mothering those who are young and needy.


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Ulu likes to walk with me, anywhere, any time. Just running wild in pastures, forests or on the beach. Lately, though slowed by arthritis, she still tries to get in a few daily zoomies.

Ulu’s natural disposition is endearingly sweet. She craves love and teaches me to give as generously as she does. Now in her 16th year, limited by arthritis and dementia, her innate sweet nature remains as she sleeps and dreams into her next chapter.

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