Meet Moira Rose [Adoptable]

Moira Rose is a cheerful dog who is available for adoption through Oakland Animal Services. She likes to stay active and adores toys. She promises to bring you endless smiles and laughs with her antics and play. She will be happy to hang out at your side in the evening after a fun day of activities.

We think this girl is part elf and has the sense of humor to prove it.  When there were no toys to be found, she went looking for alternatives (like things sticking out of our pockets) so be prepared to Moira-proof your home and redirect her with approprite toys or yummy treats!

Moira Rose is recommended to be the only dog in the home as she may not enjoy sharing her toys with other dogs. At the shelter she has done well in playgroup and meeting other dogs.  Her foster family reports that she’s a good, sweet girl who is easy to walk!

Looking for a dog who is playful and active but also ready to be a total couch potato after some exercise? Moira Rose might be the one! If she sounds like a good fit, fill out an application online to find out more.

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