Kittens who are found orphaned separately, interbreed and become bonded friends

Two kittens found separately as orphans one day crossed paths and became friends.

Salvation of grace to save

A small brown tabby was found with a paw trapped in a mousetrap and taken to Saving Grace Rescue in San Francisco, California to live a better life. She jumped to her feet and was called Sunshine because of her cheerful, lovable personality.

Shortly after arriving at her nursing home, Sunshine made it clear that she never wanted to be Singleton again. She would cling to a cuddly toy her size or curl up on her foster parent’s lap whenever they were around.

Knowing that a friend could benefit her, they looked for another caregiver at a similar age. A few days later, Saving Grace Rescue was contacted about a 3 week old orphan with an injured tail.

Salvation of grace to save

The palm-sized kitten Cheddar had two worried eyes and a big voice. Joyce, Sunshine’s foster mother, took him into her care so that he could begin his healing process in a loving home.

While he was being treated and monitored, Sunshine heard his meow and waited impatiently for their eventual meet-and-greet.

Salvation of grace to save

When the time finally came, the cute brown tabby went straight to the new kitten and patted him gently on the back. It was like she’d given him her seal of approval and she was ready to play.

Cheddar, who was younger, was so happy to have a sibling to cuddle with. He switched on his cord motor and kneaded himself on her back as they were cuddled together.

Salvation of grace to save

The two kittens became friends immediately, as if they had always been littermates.

“They were both singletons so I think they really enjoyed having each other. They played, slept and shared each other’s dishes,” Joyce shared with Love Meow.

Salvation of grace to save

While Cheddar refined his walk, Sunshine never left his side, walked around and cheered him. As the ginger gained strength, it did not hesitate to wrestle with its big sister.

Though a little younger, Cheddar held his own at play and kept his sister busy with his unbridled energy.

Salvation of grace to save

Sunshine monitored him every step of the way and encouraged him to try new things. She poked him as Cheddar took his first steps on the stairs.

Check out Sunshine and Cheddar in this cute video:

Kitten best friends

Over the next few weeks, they grew into happy, healthy, feral teenage cats, and their bond became stronger than ever.

Salvation of grace to save

It was clear from the start that these two best friends were interdependent and could not be separated. Sunshine took on the role of big sister and Cheddar followed her paw steps.

In the morning they cried in perfect harmony for breakfast. They hung out with the house cats and ventured through the house as a duo.

Salvation of grace to save

When they were ready to spread their wings and fly, Rescue hoped that this adorable couple would stay together forever.

Cheddar grew by leaps and bounds, but his worried face never changed.

Salvation of grace to save

After weeks of traveling in their nursing home, the dream of the two best friends came true when a wonderful family adopted them together.

They quickly settled in their new accommodation and even met their dog sister Panko. They hit it off right away and even shared a nap.

Salvation of grace to save

The duo quickly became a trio when the kittens (now renamed Mikan and Jima) adopted their canine friend as their own.

The two share every moment with each other and bring endless entertainment to their eternal family.

Salvation of grace to save

They are all adults now, but some things never change.

Salvation of grace to save

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