Kittens left behind within the flower pot soar again on their paws and flowers by way of the friendliness of the individuals

A palm-sized kitten was left in a flower pot. She bounced back and began to thrive with the help of kind people.

Little Walkers NYC

Little Wanderers NYC, a New York-based volunteer rescue service, received an urgent request in late December for a newborn kitten in need of rescue. “The newborn was left in a potted plant in the entryway of an apartment building in Woodhaven, Queens,” Little Wanderers told NYC.

The friendly person who found the kitten looked around but couldn’t find the mother cat or any other kittens. Olivia, the Little Wanderers database manager, stepped into action and hurried to get the kitten into the care of an experienced bottle feeder.

The kitten had not been cleaned by the mother, leading the rescuers to believe that she had abandoned the baby immediately after birth and never returned. “We named this little survivor Tiny Tim (at the time they thought the kitten was a boy) and the kitten is surprisingly strong.”

Little Walkers NYC

The gray kitten was about 48 hours old and very hungry, but had a powerful will to live. Upon arriving at the rescue, the kitten displayed incredible fighting spirit by clinging to the bottle like there was no tomorrow.

Since the kitten was only half a liter, it needed a constant source of heat (in a cozy incubator) and had to be fed 24/7 every 1-2 hours.

Little Walkers NYC

Angela Yu, a volunteer caregiver from the rescue, took in the newborn when it was three days old. The kitten was struggling with stomach problems and there were times when Angela wasn’t sure the little cat would make it.

Angela took it day at a time and followed a strict and intensive feeding protocol with supportive care. After many sleepless nights, the little fighter rebounded and perked up. Angela could breathe a sigh of relief and knew that the kitten would be fine.

Little Walkers NYC

As the kitten got bigger, they discovered that she was actually a girl, but the name stuck.

“I called her Tiny. She screamed her head every time I washed her behind me. It showed me that she had the strength and wanted to live,” said Angela Love Meow.

Little Walkers NYC

Tiny reached milestone after milestone and kept surprising her foster mother with what she could do. She learned to eat from a dish all by herself, and her personality was in full swing.

“She managed to jump out of her play pen several times, so she now has my home under control,” Angela told Love Meow. “Tiny thinks everything is a toy and everyone wants to play with her.”

Little Walkers NYC

The wild little kitten is constantly on the lookout for harm. She likes to play “Tag” with her foster mother and creates all sorts of antics in the process. She follows her human everywhere and fills the house with endless entertainment.

“I think the only time she (really) sleeps is when I go to bed,” added Angela.

Little Walkers NYC

Tiny has come a long way since she was found in a flower pot. She has grown into a beautiful teenage cat and is as healthy as possible.

“When she was only two days old we weren’t sure she would make it. But thanks to Angela, she had the best care an orphaned kitten could ever have,” said Little Wanderers.

Little Walkers NYC

Little Wanderers NYC is looking for more volunteers in New York City to help cats and kittens in need and give them a chance to fight.

“This kitten season promises to be a record for an explosion of kittens like we’ve never seen before,” Little Wanderers told NYC.

Little Walkers NYC

Tiny continues to steal hearts with her larger than life personality and cute and charming smile.

The flowerpot kitten thrives in care and has no worries in the world.

Little Walkers NYC

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