Kittens discovered within the freezing chilly received assist simply in time and now bloomed to be the cutest lap cats

In the cold, a litter of kittens was found covered in ice. With the help of kind people, they thrive to be the cutest lap cats.

Penny Richards

A Virginia estate worker discovered a litter of kittens abandoned in a small nest with no sign of their mother. They were covered in ice and felt cold. The friendly lady brought her into the house immediately and asked a TNR rescue group (Trap-Neuter-Return) for help.

"The group contacted me through our Arlington Rescue Animal Welfare League. Mom was nowhere to be seen, and since they had ice on it, she must have left shortly after she was born," said Penny Richards, a rescue volunteer caregiver, said Love Meow .

The finder kept the kittens warm with a gentle source of heat until help arrived. "They had such a strong will to live! They were icy, but they were so stubborn and full of life."

Penny Richards

The five newborns survived the life-threatening conditions outdoors. It was nothing short of a miracle.

The kittens (Jameson, Jäger, Kahlua, Hennessy, and Morgan) were placed in an incubator to stay warm and hydrated. Together with the comfortable nest, they received a comforting cuddly toy to keep them company.

Penny Richards

"They were very vigilant and took the bottle well, which was a great relief. Two of them had serious bacterial infections in their intestines, but otherwise they were fine. In a week, I knew they would be fine," shared Penny with meow with love.

After each feeding, the kittens insisted on having a long cuddling session on a warm lap before returning to the incubator. They figured out how to roll over on their backs and showed off their newly acquired Chonky Potbellies.

Penny Richards

Her eyes opened and her ears rose. The kittens became more aware of their surroundings and became more and more curious about moving objects.

Once her legs were strong enough to support her body, they started moving and waddling around. "Everyone got more active. They went around, rolled around, and even started playing with each other."

Penny Richards

"It's always amazing to see babies grow and develop their hearing and eyesight," Penny wrote.

They were obsessed with having lap time with their humans. Until their eyesight was fully developed, they would not leave an empty round warmed up.

Penny Richards

"They got up bigger and stronger, walked longer around the room at feeding time, and wobbled less every day."

Penny's family members offered to socialize the kittens. All five went straight to Aaron, their little human friend, and snuggled into his lap.

Penny Richards

If one kitten decided to crawl around to cuddle, the others quickly followed. It wasn't long before the five formed an adorable bunch, rumbling with their purrs.

After reaching one milestone at a time, it was time to upgrade to a suite.

Penny Richards

Penny had a helper on her shoulder whenever it was time for the bottle.

Morgan, the bravest of them all, insisted on being their little boss while his siblings had their share of the formula.

As they got bigger, their personalities emerged and their preference for lap cuddles increased.

"They're huge cuddlers and purr all the time. They are the cutest little things," shared Penny Love Meow.

Penny Richards

After weeks of careful grooming, the two kittens that had bacterial problems healed well. As soon as they bounced back on their paws, they bounced around with their unbridled energy, creating all sorts of antics.

When they hear their foster mother's voice, they come running looking for attention and cuddling.

Penny Richards

Sometimes they prefer to sit on their lap, but sometimes they opt for the gap between their legs for a little more comfort.

The kittens continue their daily round as powder and live the best of life.

Penny Richards

The crew will be six weeks old this Friday. Hennessy is still the smallest but has hit the £ 1 mark.

The rest of the kittens are also growing by leaps and bounds and have learned to eat on their own like a pro.

Penny Richards

The five have come a long way since they were found covered in ice outside. They thrive in nursing and are well on their way to a bright future ahead of them.

Penny Richards

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