Ideas for a hyperactive cat

It’s a quiet night and you watch TV or read at the end of a stressful day at work. All of a sudden, your cat is racing across the room like it is chasing after an imaginary prey, running back and forth and sometimes even running over you! Your normally calm cat then spends the next few minutes running around with tail hairs on end (bottlebrush tail, as I call it), often referred to as “zoomies”, until suddenly she stops like running out of gas.

This type of overactivity in cats can be weird – unless it happens all the time. Then things can get frustrating and even accidentally destroyed if your cat starts to knock things over while running around. So, just what just happened to cause all of this feline drama?

Under Stimulated = Hyperactive

Some breeds of cats are naturally very active and require both physical and mental stimulation throughout the day. Bengals, Sphynx, and Siamese are just a few of the breeds that are naturally high-energy and hyperactive. These cats need a lot of play time with their human and self-playing toys when they are home alone. Truly any breed of cat that is left alone with no toys or suggests things to do while their humans are at work can get hyperactive quickly when their humans get home.

Our house cats often need and demand active attention from their caretakers. Once you get home at the end of your work day, your bored cat may decide that this is the perfect time to zoom around and harness its pent-up energy by doing a mock hunt. Cats need this play activity just as much as you need cuddling time with them.

Ways to calm down

Do not worry! There are many ways to calm the overactive kitten that you can enjoy too! Here are three ideas you can try with your cats:

1) Playtime: Use a toy that your cat can hunt and / or fetch to mimic its natural hunting skills. This works best when game time is just before feeding and your cat has the illusion of catching their meal.

2) Puzzle Toys: When you put hard food or treats in a puzzle toy that he has to maneuver to get nourishment, the brain and body will stay active.

3) Window Bass: Cats love window bass so they can watch the world outside. If you add a bird house, your cat will sit by the window for hours dreaming of catching a bird.

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