How to use a fishing net step by step

Live bait ensures charged fish! The best way to catch live bait is to fish with a net. This post will teach you how to use a fishing net called a cast net. A cast net is an essential fishing gear and it is easy to learn how to fish with a net. A 6 ‘to 8’ net is perfect for your recreational fishing needs. With a lot of practice on land, you will know how to use a fishing net on the water in no time. There are many ways to cast a cast net, but this method is great for beginners and doesn’t require you to put the net in your mouth.

How to use a fishing net step by step

First of all, you need to know the parts of a cast network. The rope is called a “hand line” and has a loop at the end that you can attach to your wrist. The “horn” is the circular piece of plastic at the top that separates the “braille displays” that run through the mesh. The weighted line at the bottom is called the “guide line,” which helps the network go down quickly.

Step 1: Delete the cast network

If the net gets tangled, it won’t open properly. Lift the net vertically and pull it through in sections, removing all tangles. Check the guide line to make sure it is not mirrored across the braille displays.

Step 2: load the rope and throw the net

Properly loading the net will ensure that it opens fully when you throw it. In order to catch a lot of bait when fishing with a net, the net should open completely and form a pancake shape.

  • Place the loop around the wrist of your hand (non-dominant hand).
  • Wrap the hand line in your backhand and create large loops.
  • Wrap the net in your backhand. Reach under the horn, make a large spool, and grasp the mesh just below your waist.
  • With your arms by your side, the guide line should rest on the floor with no slack in the net.

The size of the net will determine how often you wind it up. For an 8 ‘net you only need one large loop. Once the handline and net are coiled, you should be holding the entire cast net in one hand.

Step 3: load the weights

With the cast net in hand, hold the net off the ground and load the weights.

  • With your free hand, grasp the guide line directly from your back hand thumb down (not from the front or back).
  • Throw two strands of lead over your shoulder.
  • Reach under the net where the weights fall off your shoulder and take half of the net in your free hand.
  • Grasp the section of the gathered mesh with your middle, ring, and little fingers, and pinch the guide line with your index finger and thumb.

Step 4: cast the cast net

With the mesh in both hands, turn your body to the side so that your dominant hand shoulder is facing your target and your back hand shoulder is facing away from your target.

Swing the net away from the target in a controlled manner, moving both hands together, then back toward the target, releasing the net in an upward motion. Use the weight of the net to create momentum. When you let go of the mesh, press the guide line longer in your dominant hand for a split second.

If all of the steps are followed correctly, you should end up with a “pancake” with the mesh opening into a perfect circle. Practice your cast net skills in your yard until you feel comfortable with the technique. Then get out there and catch your own bait! Visit our Live Bait Fishing section to learn techniques for fishing with live bait.

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