Cat so glad to be reunited together with her solely kitten after being introduced again from the brink

A tabby cat is so lucky to be reunited with its only kitten after being brought back from the sidelines.

Orphan kittens Montreal

A pregnant cat found itself in a difficult situation when her family no longer wanted her. A 12-year-old girl saw what had happened and offered to take the cat with her so that she would not go out on the street in the middle of winter. With the help of a neighbor, they were able to find a rescue to take them in.

The tabby was approximately 1-2 years old and heavily pregnant. Sylvie, a volunteer from Chatons Orphelins Montréal (a cat rescue in Montreal, Canada) responded to her request and immediately drove off to collect the cat.

The cute cat named Gisel quickly warmed up for her foster mother Stef when she realized she was safe.

Orphan kittens Montreal

“Gisel immediately trusted her foster mother and spent most of her time sleeping after she arrived,” said Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montréal to Love Meow.

A few days later the cat went into labor and it soon became apparent that it needed help. Unfortunately, only one kitten made it through the difficult birth, and Gisel had to be rushed to the hospital when she began to sink.

Orphan kittens Montreal

Gisel had emergency surgery because of a serious bacterial infection in her womb. She perked up after the life-saving procedure and started kneading and purring a storm.

While the mother cat was recovering in the hospital, her lone kitten Pruno was bottle-fed around the clock.

Orphan kittens Montreal

The kitten was so small but had a big voice, an insatiable appetite, and a strong will to live. He clung to the bottle like a champion and swallowed the food until he had finished the last drop.

He was the first baby born and the only survivor of his litter.

Orphan kittens Montreal

Although Pruno did not have his mother with him at the time, he managed to gain weight by eating to his heart’s content.

After the long ordeal, Momma Gisel returned home ready to be back with her baby.

Orphan kittens Montreal

“She is taking several medications to treat her infections, so her milk is not safe for the kitten,” Celine told Love Meow.

Pruno is hand-raised by Foster Mom Stef every two hours around the clock. “To make sure he gets a mother’s love and the care he needs to thrive, Gisel put on a bodysuit to keep the kitten from looking after her.”

Orphan kittens Montreal

When the mother cat was reunited with her baby, she immediately began caring for him. “They recognized each other straight away. It was the cutest,” shared Celine Love Meow.

Check out Gisel and her kitten in this video:

Gisel lay on her side and let her little mini self cuddle up to her.

With the romper, Gisel can cuddle her baby safely and at the same time offer care that no one can replace.

Orphan kittens Montreal

She is so happy to put her arms around her only kitten and is constantly choking him with love.

The baby tabby thrives with the help of his foster mother who feeds him and tender, loving care from his doting mother cat who does the rest.

Orphan kittens Montreal

Mama Gisel keeps an eye on her precious baby and makes sure that it is bathed regularly. She enjoys making cookies on her blankets while rumbling with her adorable purr.

Your little baby is not lacking in hugs.

Orphan kittens Montreal

Pruno just turned 11 days old today and opened his eyes to see for the first time.

He begins to stand and waddle on his small legs and becomes very curious about his surroundings.

Orphan kittens Montreal

The mother and son duo will never have to spend a day on the street, and Gisel loves her little pride and joy so much.

Orphan kittens Montreal

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