Cat misunderstood for her grumpy face finds the family of her dreams after months of waiting

A misunderstood cat found the family of her dreams and the perfect home she always wanted.

Francisca @bebbybeansprout

Francisca from Germany wanted to adopt a cat after she moved to her new home. She noticed a cat from her local animal shelter. “She looked so special and cute and I knew I had to meet her,” Francisca told Love Meow.

The cat named Bean was found in an abandoned trailer park last year. She was riddled with battle wounds and had a variety of health problems. The shelter saved her life and brought her back to health.

No one came to challenge her while she was in the Lost and Found, and she was then taken to the adoption floor. Each day, the sweet exotic mix waited patiently for someone to pick it up and bring it home.

Photo from the shelterFrancisca @bebbybeansprout

Another month had passed when Francisca came across her post on the shelter’s website. “I wrote to the shelter and got a call back asking if I’m sure Bean is the cat I wanted to meet because no one has ever cared about her,” Francisca shared with Love Meow.

“I was in tears at the thought that no one wanted them. So I made an appointment with them because I was even more determined to meet them.”

Francisca @bebbybeansprout

Francisca expected to see a twenty-pound colossus cat, but Bean turned out to be a petite little kitten with the cutest doe eyes. As soon as Francisca entered the room, Bean jumped off her bed and continued rubbing her face over her human friend.

“She was more perfect than I could have imagined. She was a little baby of 3-4 years. Tears ran down my cheeks as she rubbed my leg,” Francisca told Love Meow.

Francisca @bebbybeansprout

Francisca stayed with Bean at the shelter for hours and couldn’t bear the thought of leaving her there one more night. Bean loved her human and followed her for attention and pets.

That day was the beginning of a new chapter for the former stray dog. She went home to a place of her own with the family of her dreams.

Francisca @bebbybeansprout

“She felt at home from the first second. She lay down on the sofa and took a nap like the couch was the most comfortable thing she had ever experienced,” Francisca told Love Meow.

Bean dozed off for hours to make up for the lost sleep. “Only after that did she start exploring. I was just so happy and grateful that she was finally home.”

Francisca @bebbybeansprout

That night Bean jumped on her human’s bed and curled up next to Francisca before purring herself to sleep.

“She hasn’t left me at night since then. She’s even waiting for me to go to bed around midnight when I’m up late,” added Francisca.

Francisca @bebbybeansprout

Bean was very affectionate for the first few weeks and feared that her human would leave her. Over time, she realized that she was there forever and her human was going nowhere.

“Then she finally decided to let her (inner) diva come out, her ‘queen of the household’ mentality.”

Francisca @bebbybeansprout

“When I work from home, she spends all day at the computer, even though her favorite place is elsewhere,” said Francisca. “When I go to work, she climbs to the window and watches me until she can no longer see me.”

She’s a love bug at heart and that little grumble on her face only adds to the cuteness and moron.

Francisca @bebbybeansprout

Bean has a trustworthy toy (a duck) that she carries around with her everywhere.

She loves the cat TV by the window and enjoys walking with her mother in a harness to breathe some fresh air. She’s playful, goofy, and has so much to give.

Francisca @bebbybeansprout

If she spots olives in the kitchen, she rushes them and tries to steal one or two.

“I’ve never met a cat like her. She’s lively and definitely a diva, but at the same time so adorable and cute,” Francisca told Love Meow. “She loves yelling at birds and the Amazon delivery driver (no other postal services).”

Francisca @bebbybeansprout

Bean is determined to supervise her human mother whenever she is at home and accompanies her like her little shadow.

“She even follows me into the bathroom and watches me in the bathtub to make sure I don’t drown.”

Francisca @bebbybeansprout

“She’s my whole world and an absolute madwoman. I can’t put into words how much I love her. Rescue works both ways. She helps me through the worst of days,” said Francisca Love Meow.

Francisca @bebbybeansprout

“She’s been through so much and is finally home and getting the love she deserves. I can’t imagine my life without her. She is so special and amazing. I am so happy that she chose me to be her mother . “

Francisca @bebbybeansprout

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