Best tackle boxes for your saltwater fishing trips

In addition to keeping you organized and prepared when the bite is on, the best fishing boxes for saltwater fishing are made from sturdy components that can withstand the elements of the ocean. Finding the best fishing box for your saltwater adventures isn’t difficult. All you have to do is consider what type of device to take with you and where to use it.

Best fishing boxes for deep sea fishing

Waterproof soft tackle bags have several advantages over hard-sided tackle boxes when it comes to deep sea fishing. Soft tackle bags are usually lighter, more convenient to carry, and less likely to slide around on deck when the water gets choppy. Be sure to look for a model with corrosion-resistant zippers and sturdy hardware.

If your deep sea fishing adventures include trolling for large game species like tuna or sailfish, consider purchasing storage bags made from soft mesh or plastic. You can put the rig storage bags in your soft tackle box to keep individual pre-made leaders or rigs confusing and ready to use when needed.

Best fishing boxes for inshore fishing

For land saltwater fishing trips, you can keep it simple using plastic tool trays of various sizes. Small plastic trays can be used to sort and organize fishing gear and tackle such as hooks, swivels, crimps, or lures. Large trays can be used for organizing bait, popping corks, or spools of leader material. Each device tray can be labeled (jigs, topwater baits, bait hooks, etc.) and stowed in a dry storage compartment on board a boat or in a kayak.

Be sure to use device trays with watertight seals and tight latches that cannot be opened. When it’s time to get back to the dock, simply place the closed and latched trays in a duffel bag or bag of soft gadget to carry around.

Best tackle box for fishing on land

What types of fishing tackle are best if you want to fish from the beach or the coast and go from place to place? In this case, backpack tackle boxes might be the best option as they free up your hands so you can carry your fishing rods or a cooler. Most backpack tackle bag models come with plastic tackle trays and zippered compartments that are ideal for storing tools like cord scissors or pliers.

Keep in mind that the best fishing tackle storage option may not always be a traditional hard case. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box – that is, the tackle box! Our interactive map shows you the best places for deep sea fishing.

Debbie Hanson

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