4 advantages of booking fishing guides and charters

Do you think you want to start fishing? Congratulations and welcome! We are happy to have you. You are now joining millions of Americans who are considering fishing our nation’s favorite reel in the past.

As with most things in life, investing a little time and money upfront helps to have a positive experience and pay off for years to come. Before venturing into uncharted waters on your own, book a fishing trip with a professional guide.

Here’s why it is beneficial to use a guide or charter service when you start sport fishing:

1. Instructions will help you find fish

Pretty logical, right? A professional fishing charter operator is just that – a professional. If a guide gets to the point of being on the water 120 days or more days a year, they can all but quit their job. That is, they are out there finding fish while we sit around and think about it. Not to mention a guide can fish too. That means everything from throwing and baiting a hook to the rules and regulations associated with the state and the current season. The job of a charter company is not just to help you fish. It’s also about educating anglers about fishing and boating protection and laws so we can continue to enjoy the sport for generations.

2. Fishing Guide Know your water

If you navigate the same waters every day, you can be confident that you know where the fish is. Equally important? Knowing where NOT to dare. You need to prepare in advance to determine the daily tides, locate sandbars, jetties, and other obstructions that may be submerged, and understand the water level. An experienced guide has already determined these characteristics and knows his home lawn like the back of his hand. Anytime you’re trying to familiarize yourself with your local fishing spots, it is worth doing a spin or two with a professional so you and your gear are safe.

3. Some are all inclusive

One of the best reasons to charter a fishing boat is that everything comes with it. We’re talking rods, reels, baits, coolers, ice, safety gear, fish finders, licenses, GPS – you just have to show up! Plus, your captain and crew will know exactly what equipment to use for the species you are targeting. Bring your own sunscreen, snacks, and drinks. Just make sure you wear light-colored shoes with soft soles (avoid dark scratches on board) and never bring bananas on board a fishing vessel as these are considered bad luck by the fishermen.

4. You have the knowledge of the fishing regulations

The rules and regulations for fishing are numerous and fluid. A charter captain has his ear to the ground and receives important information about the latest catch and storage allowances, which often change at very short notice. Sometimes a “season” is really a period of three or even two days that begins with just a few days’ notice. If you’re really serious about your recreational fishing excursion: buddy with a pro. Check out your local fishing or fly shops, or head to the marina to rub elbows with the pros who come from the water.

There you can compare and contrast the types of excursions that are available for your waters (e.g., coastal, offshore, wading, etc.), the make and models of boats available, and which charters are best for your ability suitable is. You will receive tips, find out who’s actually catching what, and be familiar with fishing 4-1-1

Once you’ve taken a fishing trip with a licensed, professional charter company, you’re ready to hit the water on your own. By practicing responsible fishing, you are contributing to government conservation programs, including fisheries management, habitat protection, and fisheries education. You are now ready and committed to protecting, preserving and improving the sport of fishing today and for future generations.

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