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Four Common Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Myths

Jul 18

Some pet parents find it difficult to leave their fur babies alone. We all have to go to work to offer our dogs lots of food, treats, and toys! During the day, many owners have turned to professional pet care. But, nothing beats coming home to a happy pet.


There are still some pet owners who are doubtful. In addition, parents are frequently concerned about leaving their pets to care for others. This is because of misconceptions regarding professional pet sitting and dog walking services.


We will debunk four common pet sitting and dog walking fallacies if you have a misperception about what a pet sitter performs.


A Common Myth About Pet Sitting and Dog Walking: Pet Sitting Is Not a "Real Job."


Anyone who believes that pet sitting necessitates a sitter sitting all day is misinformed. On the contrary, pet sitters usually have multiple appointments every day. In addition, seeing and caring for several dogs and cats necessitates visits to various homes, key tracking, file review, and so on.


Sitters must also cope with pets with varying demands and personalities. Some patients require injections or oral drugs. Sitters may even arrive at a client's house to find the dog or cat has left a huge mess. If numerous pets are in the house, each one must be cared for separately. Each appointment necessitates time and effort to ensure that the sitter will satisfy the dogs' demands and that the owners are pleased with the service and visits.


We also provide services to look after your property while you are away on vacation at - Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking! This includes running the taps to avoid water damage, flushing the toilets, and inspecting the house for any security issues, mischief, or damage. We will also water plants and collect mail to give your home a more "lived-in" appearance, which will deter prospective break-ins.


As you can see, a pet sitter's responsibilities go much beyond simply caring for the pet.


The Neighboring Kid Can Do It For Less.


Some pet parents may consider hiring their neighbor's child a viable option. However, there are specific critical points to consider. For example, when walking your dog on a hot summer day, your 13-year-old neighbor's child may not recognize the symptoms of heatstroke.


When you hire a professional pet sitter or dog walker, you can be confident that they understand animal care and behavior. They will let you know if something is wrong with your pet immediately. Most essential, professionals will know what to do in an emergency.


Pet Sitting Is Only Necessary When You're Away.


Many people believe that pet sitting is only necessary when the owner is away. However, going on vacation isn't the only time your pet may require alone time.


Many of us are now able to return to work. However, every week, the average pet owner is required to work. With our pets becoming accustomed to our presence for so long, having a pet sitter drop by a couple of times a day is beneficial.


Pets will be terrified and depressed if they are left with sitters.


When considering employing pet sitting services, most companies provide a meet and greet service before you commit to a pet care plan. The individual administering the meet and greet will go through very thorough information about your pet's needs and all those small oddities during these meet and greets.


Meet & greets allow your pet to become acquainted with your sitter before visits begin. Then, when the sitter arrives for the morning visit, the pet is still sleeping in its usual spot, as if the family is still present.


At  Animal People Pet Sitting & Dog Walking, we understand that your pets are family. Contact us to schedule a meet and greet, so we can begin developing a tailored care plan for your beloved pet.