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Can Cockatiels eat Peanut Butter?

Jan 30

Peanuts are very popular among cockatiels. They would probably enjoy eating something smooth and creamy without having to crack open their hard-shelled nuts. Many cockatiel owners have claimed that their pets prefer peanut butter over all the other treats they are offered. So, yes, the taste of peanut butter holds a great appeal for your pet birdies.

Is peanut butter healthy for Cockatiels?

To determine if peanut butter is good for cockatiels, we need to know exactly what it contains. Here is an average store bought peanut butter.

Contents Quantity

  • Fat 50 g
  • Carbohydrates 25 g
  • Sugar 6 g
  • Protein 25 g
  • Total calories 638 kcal

A lack of proteins may cause some pets to experience difficulty in perching, flying, and normal eating motions. Extremely low levels of protein can cause serious health issues such as kidney damage, liver damage, heart disease, and even death. Peanut butter helps keep protein levels up when fed regularly.

Of all the content listed in the chart above, proteins are most important for your pets’ health. It is responsible for building up its body’s tissues, muscles, bones and feathers.

Peanut butter has a lot of calories but they’re healthy ones! Because cockatiels are small birds, they tend to be prone to obesity when fed large amounts of calorie-rich foods such as these.

Peanut butter contains protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals.

Organic peanut butter for your Cockatiels

Apart from xylitol, there are a number of other additives, chemicals, and preservatives added to most peanut butter brands that might hurt your cockatiel’s health over time. Therefore, organic peanut butter is a safer and healthier alternative for them.

This is because it contains only peanuts, salt, and sugar. It might not last as long as the processed peanut butter, so you might want to buy it in a smaller amount.

Making your own peanut butter for your Cockatiel

Organic peanut butter may be better for you than regular peanut butter but it’s not cheap! If we were to tell you there was a better and less expensive method for treating your pet than traditional medicine, would you be interested?

You probably know by now that most people buy their own peanut butter rather than buying it from a store because they like having control over what goes into their food. We’re not going to waste time telling you how hard it is or how long it takes. You don’t even need a recipe for these delicious snacks! Just mix together some raw nuts and oils and enjoy them straight from the jar.

Add these ingredients into a blender or food processor and turn it on. If you notice any dryness, keep an eye out for it, but don’t worry if it doesn’t seem like there’s enough oil yet — just keep adding some until you get the right consistency. It’ll take less than an hour to cook. You and your cockatiel can now share this tasty treat together!

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